Latimer House


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  • Digipack with booklet. 12 Tracks.
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This is the second full album from Joe Cook, Michael Jetton, Anar Yusufov and David Landstoff following All The Rage which was released in 2014. Produced in Prague by Derek Saxenmeyer, it expands and stretches the template of hook laden guitar pop which was laid down on that effervescent debut, adding more depth and variety through additional instrumentation and lyrics showing a concern for the state of the planet. Not that there isn’t room for the odd song concerning affairs of the heart and a cheeky nod to possible influences. Glockenspiel, cello, woodwind and digeridoo are added to the guitar/bass/drums/organ quartet very effectively, alongside the intriguingly titled terraplane howl and devil box guitar courtesy of Justin Lavash. The whole sound taps into that rich vein of punchy, catchy power pop previously visited by the likes of Big Star, The Replacements, Teenage Fan Club and a gaggle of artists such as The Motors, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe and Graham Parker in their late seventies guises. The latter three also spring to mind when analysing the lyrics, especially those pertaining to political and social commentary on the state of the world (or perhaps more accurately Europe?) and the seismic shifts caused by recent events.

LP - 180 Gram Orange Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve with Download. 11 tracks.

CD - Digipack with booklet. 12 Tracks.