I Cube

Double Pack

Versatile's main man returns to the fray with a hotly anticipated set of tracks that will surely stand alone in their uniqueness, but if you're reading this then you already know that. I:Cube has been busy, and he's keen to share the fruits of his labour with lucky us on this, the 120th release on Versatile. The sounds here are diverse, impeccably mixed, arranged and selected by the man himself and will surely find their way into the ears and minds of those who come into close contact effortlessly. From the lost world dreamy trance of the first track Flutes Souterraines to the acid indigestion inducing fingering of the Troglo Dance, to the deep cavernous bass-line creepings of Ramurc, this collection of six stellar cuts is a stunning return to form and a perfect example of why I:Cube should be regarded as one of the legends.

  • Genre House
  • Released 04/05/18