Inherit The Earth

It's going on four years since a Slugabed album, but the man's been busy - running a label, working with others, and making a two scrapped LPs' worth of cuts similar in vibe to the hyper-pop of 2014's Coolest EP - happier, forest-y, more "plinky-plonky." But none of those would-be followups began with a schoolgirl calling an arms dealer to buy a tank, as Inherit the Earth does. There's something in that moment of pretty innocence approaching the cliff's edge of utter chaos that's reflected not only in this set's title, which has been used by both the Bible and a '90s video game about talking animals who survive human extinction, but also in the first song Stupid Earth. That dreamy scene, coloured by warm sax and chill keys, is constantly warping just so, or being smashed over a hard beat and roasted with synth. Slugabed has long been an ace storyteller, even without words, and this is his most vivid, consistent work yet.