Mick Trouble

It's the Mick Trouble EP

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  • Rough Trade Exclusive. Limited and hand numbered to 100 Copies on White Vinyl. Limited to 1 copy per customer.
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Easily the best archive single of the year. Four tracker that sounds like first album and early 7"s by Television Personalities or a lost Whaam Records release. Seriously this is amazing!! Lost legends of of pop music seem a dime a dozen these days, with internet ghouls stalking history’s graveyard exhuming the forgotten, under-heard, or never heard opus of some suburban recluse every minute, but few of them can match the bizarre story of the rise and snail-paced stumbled of one Michael Tooney-Head, born Muswell, London August 1963— otherwise known as lost post-punk troubadour Mick Trouble. It’s easy to forget that for a brief time in 1981, Mick Trouble was on the verge of becoming The Band That Saves Britain. But Trouble was just that- poised to make the leap from esteemed bard in hallowed hip circles including the likes of post-punk trailblazers Swell Maps and Television Personalities to that of a superstar that would give Declan McManus a run for his money. But a week before Trouble and his band were to make their seventh appearance on John Peel in just two years, something happened. Trouble disappeared. And so, seemingly, did his music- until now. Emotional Response is proud to present the long-coveted 1980 Trouble EP- It’s The Mick Trouble EP, cut directly from a master reel discovered earlier this year under a cookie jar in his basement, along with a never-before-heard jam, year unknown, featuring The Glitter Band, Lemmy Kilmister, and Damo Suzuki. (Stay tuned.) The result is what will be for many the first time they’ve heard Trouble’s music - spikey, sarcastic, often louche two-minute bursts of pure pop which recall both Dan Tracey and Nick Lowe at their sodden best. A rather special piece of plastic, then.

7" - Rough Trade Exclusive. Limited and hand numbered to 100 Copies on White Vinyl with hand stamped labels. (Sorry Sold Out)

7"+ - Black Vinyl Version. 300 Copies Only.

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