Jen Cloher

Jen Cloher

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  • Beautiful Gatefold card digipack with an eight page insert.
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  • Limited Pink Coloured Vinyl with Download.
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A letter in triplicate addressed to the themes of love, music and Australia, Jen Cloher's fourth album is the culmination of a period of artistic and personal growth in which the artist took her rightful place as a punk-rock figurehead of Melbourne's famous DIY music scene. She is an outspoken advocate for artist rights and co-founder of the incredible Milk! Records label, which includes the likes of Courtney Barnett and Fraser A. Gorman among its luminaries. Since 2014, her output has been increasingly biting, witty and poetic, with her last album, the critically lauded In Blood Memory representing an artistic apex for the artist and garnering her a prestigious Australian Music Prize nomination. The self-titled album, Jen Cloher, represents another quantum leap forward for the artist. Recorded amidst the rolling greenery of South-Eastern Australia and mixed at Jeff Tweedy's famous Loft Studios in Chicago, the songs are split by Courtney Barnett's extraordinary lead guitar and anchored by the rhythm section of Bones Sloane and Jen Sholakis. The end result is bold, assured, and piercingly observed, seeing Cloher face up to painful truths with unwavering honesty and emerge triumphant.

LP - Limited Pink Coloured Vinyl with Download.

CD - Beautiful Gatefold card digipack with an eight page insert.

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