Jess Glynne

Always In Between

  • 0190295595920
  • 140 Gram Blue Vinyl.
  • £19.99

Jess Glynne releases her glittering new album Always In Between. Always In Between finds Jess on a breath-taking journey of self-acceptance as she comes to terms with her new-found fame, heartbreak and the well-known pressure of writing a second album. The result is a triumph that captures the heart of what being a 28-year old woman in 2018 can feel like – trying to balance real life with everything that you want it to be. With a tone of joyful harmony and acceptance set by I’ll Be There already, Thursday (co-written with Ed Sheeran), explores our many insecurities and the idea that sometimes stripping everything back can make you feel most yourself, while All I Am attempts to answer the niggling voice inside so many people’s head asking if they are enough. There’s no doubt that Always In Between will capture many under its spell as Jess Glynne once again reaches out her hand, and offers love and friendship and unity to all that can hear her.

LP - 140 Gram Blue Vinyl.