Martin Bramah / Jon Langford

Worm In Your Ear / Stone Tumbling Stream (Fast Version)

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Limited Edition Of 500 Copies. Jon Langford’s prolific career grown from the naïveist art-punk minimalism to opening for pals like Robert Plant and years-long exhibits at the Country Music Hall of Fame, without the slightest actual attempt at commerciality. After forty-one years with The Mekons, establishing agit-popster combo The Three Johns, spearheading the lasting Americana movement with stalwarts The Waco Brothers and, most recently, garnering the his best reviews in a career full of them with Jon Langford’s Four Lost Souls, his stature has never been more impressive. Martin Bramah similarly refused all entreaties to play the game. Bramah was a founder of The Fall, its guitarist and primary composer in the band’s first few years and even its vocalist, until it was decided that Mark E Smith was unfit to play any instrument at all. He left after writing -uncredited -much of the band’s second album, then rejoined two former Fall members, keyboardist Una Baines and bassist Rick Goldstraw in Blue Orchids, who continued Bramah’s exploration of psychedelic sounds and visions in a series of classic singles and an album for Rough Trade. Infrequent but brilliant releases and a few ignored attempts by others to mould him into a star have been bolstered recently with a burst of creativity and output greater than at any other point in his career. A chance opportunity to hang out and play a few shows in Eastern Europe led to a one-off recording date, in which Langford and Bramah laid down four songs. Langford’s Worm In Your Ear is a new original and was subsequently tinkered with back in Chicago, while Bramah’s Stone Tumbling Stream is a new fast-paced version of one of his best tunes. Bramah and Langford alone sing and play bass, drums and guitar.)