Limited copies come with a 10th anniversary Lucky Number CD featuring Friends, Darwin Deez, Reptar, Sleigh Bells, Hinds, Sebastien Tellier etc. FTSE is Midlander Sam Manville. At 12 years old he formed Blakfish, a proclaimed hardcore punk band, and toured for much of the following decade before forming FTSE and releasing a trio of well received brooding electronic EP's which earned accolades from The Guardian, Fader, Dazed, i-D and more. On 'Joyless', FTSE retains the ear for a great hook and the gritty textures that initially made his electronic pop blow up, but this is more ambitious in every way. Combining the vehement thrashes of the music of his youth, free-flowing social analytics together with various sonic infusions, he has created a fearlessly bold statement for a debut album: with the frank and informed voice of KLF or PSB's through a globalized and comfortably chaotic pop sound. 'Joyless' is Manville's defeatist manifesto on our over-connected, over-stimulated and over-priced world. It's defeatist in the sense that it's the voice of those who feel trapped in a system, but unable to see a way out - but that's not to say it's not angry. Really, really angry.LP - 180 Gram Vinyl with Download.

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