Kimono My House

Genre 60s & 70s Cat no. 9843417


one of rough trade's island 50th anniversary selection - 50 crucial titles, specially selected by us to highlight the unique contribution this seminal label has made to british music since 1959. lyrical wit is in abundance, magnified by russell mael's soaring falsetto gymnastics. failure with the opposite sex is a recurring topic, from the adolescent fumblings of 'amateur hour' to the resignation of 'falling in love with myself again'. it's easy to see why the teenage morrissey was a dedicated fan. the track that really grabbed the public's attention was 'this town ain't big enough for both of us', a classic stomper with a gravity defying melody. 1974's 'kimono my house' is the sound of sparks firing on all four cylinders, providing one of the most curious and comical albums of the '70s. freddie mercury wasn't the only operatic rocker on the block in the mid- '70s. the genre was pretty much taken to its logical conclusion by ron and russell mael, the decidedly odd couple who formed the nucleus of sparks. dropping references to immanuel kant and yehudi menuhin, these boys weren't your average dumb rock band. 'kimono my house 'was their third album, recorded after the brothers had relocated from la to london (where tolerance of tongue-in-cheek pomp pop was obviously much higher).