Liela Moss

My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth

Liela Moss from the Duke Spirit with her debut solo album. Released via Bella Union, My Name Is Safe in Your Mouth more than lives up to Moss’s promise of fresh, bold adventure. Sonically spare yet sumptuous in its emotions, elemental power and expansive melodies, the record is a richly felt, vividly-realised trip into the interior from the Duke Spirit singer. A serene-to-stormy series of deep dream-pop meditations on devotion and selfhood, creativity and parenthood, it treats unknown territory not as something to fear but as a seed-bed of possibility. That poetic exchange between exteriors and interiors assumes first focus on Memories and Faces, an exploration of devotion where Moss likens herself to an animal, a storm and a river over the spacious backing of a reverberant piano; throughout, every arrangement is impeccably, sensitively judged to give Moss’s lyrics maximum breathing room. Set to images of storms and mountains, the percussive Subequal maintains the intensity for a moody reverie on emotional rescue and resilience, the warm elasticity of Moss’s voice more than a match for its introspective verses and ecstatic, soaring refrain. Multi-tracked voices and mellifluous synths create cushioning backdrops for Into the Flesh, an almost Kate Bush-like lullaby for someone (a child?) or something (a song?) coaxed into being; Moss’s emphasis on the word “softly” speaks quiet volumes about how these songs are nurtured into life. Meanwhile, Above You, Around You meditates on selfhood while all around is in flux. The lush chorales and pillowy synths of Moon and restorative devotional of Hidden Sea provide loving climaxes to an album that marks great leaps forward for one of alt-rock’s most magnetic voices. My Name Is Safe in Your Mouth is a haunting snapshot of an intuitive artist seeking new ways to work without safety nets, a quest spurred forwards by her move to Somerset in 2014.

LP - 180 Gram Clear Vinyl.