Life and Livin' It

  • slang50115lp
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Sinkane music - every note of it - comes straight from a generosity of spirit, and never has that spirit been on more vivid display than on the new album Life and Livin' It. His breakthrough album was a futuristic funk record from Space, appropriately titled Mars, that dealt with feeling like an outsider living on another planet. With his second album, Mean Love, he set out to find a place for himself. And with his new album, Life and Livin' It, he seemed to have found it. Sinkane founder and frontman Ahmed Gallab is no longer searching for his home, he has created a home for himself. There’s a party there, and Life and Livin' It is playing on the stereo. You are invited.

LP - Black Vinyl.

LP+ - Limited Yellow Vinyl.

Featured in: City Slang Label Focus