Loud E

Volume 1

The folks at Passport to Paradise deliver more exotic sounds from the farthest reaches of Earth and beyond, for your aural pleasure. Your concierge today is cosmic disco maverick Loud E, taking us from 123 to 456 to 789 in a masterclass of disco edit wizardry. Step inside the elevator... The doors close. Loud E welcomes you with '123', flicking gears and switches while offering you a space mojito. It's a smooth ascension; suddenly, the elevator wobbles and the lights blink to the beat of 124bpm. Still with us? We land on '456', and the doors creak open to reveal the orange surface of Mars. Space dust floats around a disco ball; strobe lights penetrate the atmosphere. By '789', you're seeing stars - literally. Loud E takes us from nought to sixty in the blink of an eye, or perhaps the stamp of a passport. Three cosmic cuts for the more enlightened of dancefloors.

Join the Passport to Paradise ride, but be careful - you might never come.

  • Genre Disco
  • Released 08/06/18