Natureboy Flako

Theme For A Dream

Following a self-titled EP last year, Dario Rojo Guerra aka Natureboy Flako releases his second album Theme For A Dream on Five Easy Pieces. Exploring the boundaries of music, science and spirituality through a prism of colourfully synthesised-sound, heart-pounding rhythm and cinematic soundtracks; the core essense of Theme For A Dream is the exploration of the human inner space, the balance of musical energies and music’s healing capabilities. Theme For A Dream is a more electronic sounding record than his debut. Guerra makes extensive use of old and new analogue equipment such as the Juno 106, Korg's MS-20, ARP Odyssey or Roland’s SH-2000 synthesisers, alongside recordings of vocals, guitars and other instruments. This serves to create a dynamic and eclectic sound spectrum, all unique to his musical handwriting.