DJ Slyngshot

New Era ep

  • y005
  • £10.99

The fifth entry in the chronicles of Slyngshot’s Yappin label is a four track EP, projecting his trademark hybrid style, popping on a low-bit train ride somewhere between the Bronx and Detroit. New Era: Slyng’s in-house style, dirty percussion, with ailing watery Rhodes. OF XTC (Action mix): A swift take-off, with fazed out keys over a romping kick, swashbuckling high-hat, and an insistent synth bass playing hide and seek, building the tension. OF XTC (Understatement Mix): Low end synth lines bop between singing drums, tribal chant and ethereal piano loop. Stop Playin' Part I: B-boy vocal sample with pitched up / back down again beats lending the tune a subtle drum and bass feel.