Northern Powerhouse

NP 03

Once again Northern Powerhouse provide a rough gem of rustic, handcrafted, Yorkshire electronics. The artisinal vision of an audio signal which could fit onto vinyl without distortions or jumps, was achieved once more with expert finishing by Dr Spaventi, in the Netherlands. Additional dealings with Europe have meant the cottage industry has had to adjust clocks accordingly, winding back 1 hour........and 4 months, to account for the bends in time and logic, experienced by many people who use MPO in France. Luckily the costs incurred in this area are merely psychological and will not be passed on to the buyer. As before the plastic bound music (also available as digital) comes housed in a beautifully minimal white paper sleeve, with unique and nuances per unit, to ensure true variance and a truly individual product. This attention carries through to the hand screened label, using the latest in dual pizza kitchen table printing technology with a tried and tested lounge floor drying system to ensure any moisture is gone before the vinyl is shipped, so that transport weight can be kept to a minimum and savings passed on to you.

  • Genre House
  • Released 06/04/18