Allow Yourself

  • £10.99
  • Limited-edition Crystal Clear vinyl in a reverse-board gatefold sleeve
  • £18.99

The new album from Nosound, 'Allow Yourself', is a new expression from the group who have grown alongside their evolving and borderless label Kscope. The new material is a stripping back of what has come before, and its inspirations are in a different field altogether, based on founder and songwriter Giancarlo Erra's own shifting interests.

"Time has arrived for a radical change towards an alternative and electronic direction, being the music I have enjoyed the most in recent years."

Erra reflected on the direction of the new material, "The title 'Allow Yourself' reflects this need for change, freeing myself from past stories and influences. The lyrics have also gone through change, becoming more about hope, about the present and how to influence it. The writing and sounds are now more focused and minimal, guitars were left behind in favour of analogue electronics, acoustic drums work with drum machines, vocals are much more central and upfront with a different approach to singing. The whole album was recorded in analogue using vintage effects/techniques and synths, from Juno and string machines to modern classics like Electronic Engineering OP1."

CD edition is a digipack reverse-board packaging with a 16-page booklet.

LP Limited-edition Crystal Clear vinyl in a reverse-board gatefold sleeve with 16 page booklet.