Pink Floyd

Obfusc/ation 1972

Double CD plus DVD and Bluray

In 1972 Pink Floyd travelled to Hérouville, north of Paris, to record at Strawberry Studios there, based in the town’s Chateau. In a remarkable two weeks, they wrote and recorded one of their most cohesive albums, Obscured By Clouds, the soundtrack to Barbet Schroeder’s ‘La Vallée’.
1972 saw the release of Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii, a film of the band performing without an audience in the historic Roman amphitheatre of Pompeii, directed by Adrian Maben. The video material includes the performances from the Live At Pompeii film, edited to new 5.1 audio mixes, plus material from contemporary French TV as well as performances from Brighton Dome in June 1972 and further performances with the Roland Petit ballet company: Obscured By Clouds 2016 remix, Live at Pompeii 2016 stereo mixes, Documentaries inc. Roland Petit ballet, Pompeii concert film in 5.1 sound and Replica memorabilia from the period.

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