Obsolete Capitalism

Chaos Sive Natura / Electric Tree and Electronic Rhizome

  • NURKFM003
  • £19.99

Debut album for Obsolete Capitalism, the accelerationist neo-futuristic collective of philosophers, painters, musicians and film makers. Chaos Sive Natura is a concept-album based on Nietzsche, Deleuze and Guattari’s philosophy as well as on a new way to conceive Rhythm and Chaos. On the music side the work is a deterritorialized space-jazz album, with oblique polyrhythms, dark-jazz shards and free dub spatialization. Achim Szepanski, theorist of the legendary German label Mille Plateaux, defined it as "album of the year" in 2017. The nine-track vinyl LP comes with a 16-page colour booklet printed in canvas and Twill paper where occultism, philosophy, rhizomatic and accelerationist theory and neo-techno futuristic graphics, join in an exceptional visual form.