Curve of Earth

Digipack with Lyric Book.

Standard Weight Black Vinyl with Download.

Debut album proper from poetic and autobiographical project via Full Time Hobby. The band, made up of Sam Swinson, Adam Pressley and Nate Hahn, formed several years ago but Curve of Earth is their first worldwide release outside of self-released CD-Rs.

The beautifully dark country-Americana and vivid lyricism on Curve of Earth is a fitting introduction to songwriter Sam Swinson's autobiographical journey through indoctrination and addiction; an endlessly inviting confession from his past battles with substance abuse, and the religious demons lingering from his upbringing in a fundamentalist evangelical cult. The links that run through Ohtis' songwriting reflect the bonds in the project itself; driven apart by addiction, they were pulled together by music, made stronger by their experiences. This weight of experience is what gives the album its incredible power. Beguiling, entrancing, yet unrelentingly honest, it maintains a powerful hold on the listener long after the final note fades. It brings the vivid storytelling wit of Josh T. Pierson and the shufflin’ Americana of Wilco and Phosphorescent.

CD - Digipack with Lyric Book.

LP - Standard Weight Black Vinyl with Download.