Port Sulphur

Paranoic Critical

Port sulphur, an audio collective that’s co-ordinated and directed by Creeping Bent owner and The Nectarine No9 / Sexual Objects guitarist Douglas MacIntyre, finally release the eagerly awaited debut album. Paranoic Critical brings together the collective talents of Vic Godard (Subway Sect), Davy Henderson (Fire Engines), James Kirk (Orange Juice), Gareth Sager (Pop Group) and the late Alan Vega (Suicide) and Jock Scot together with musicians from the contemporary Glasgow scene which is centred around Green Door studio and includes Sam Joseph Smith, Katy Lironi, Graham Wann and Erik Sandberg. The album features ten brand new tracks including the recent Blow City release and the forthcoming single The Lane which features the vocals of Davy Henderson and Vic Godard.