A Matter Of Time

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  • Housed in Fold Out Digi Sleeve with 24 Page Booklet.
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  • Standard Vinyl housed in Gatefold Sleeve - No Download.
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A Matter Of Time is the follow-up to reggae superstar Protoje’s critically acclaimed 2015 full-length, Ancient Future. Always positive and politically conscious, A Matter Of Time sees Protoje again working with producer Winta James and includes two new collaborations with Chronixx, as well as recently released hit singles Blood Money, Truth and Rights and Bout Noon.

CD - Housed in Fold Out Digi Sleeve with 24 Page Booklet.

LP - Standard Vinyl housed in Gatefold Sleeve - No Download.

Exclusive Track By Track

Curious to know more about the album, we asked the contemporary reggae star if he'd tell us a little more about a few selected tracks off A Matter Of Time, the ideas behind them, how they came together and what he thinks of them now they're finished.

FLAMES featuring Chronixx

Flames as the introduction, I did it to be very aggressive in the way I approached the verses and everything. For the chorus I needed it to be lifted and thats where Chronixx came in, he heard the instrumental and loved it as well. We just knew it would’ve been something really special and now as time goes along, the song will really grow a lot. I’m not ready to put it as a single yet but soon enough.

Protoje & Chronixx


Blood Money is like a crucial part of my catalogue and its a song that is part of the culture now. When people in Jamaica see something corrupt or see politicians or businessmen who do something illegitimate, they always say ‘blood money run the nation’, its just part of the dialect now and very important song for the culture on the album.

Protoje On The Beach


Like This is one of the first songs I wrote for the album. I started with the drum machines and the progression and you know, its a song that everybody can sing along to and find some meaning within it. Its talking about understanding and compassion and its a song that does well live, I love performing it. I love the first verse too ‘Have no idea what you facing, but on some plane we all go through the same thing’, its just speaking about us really understanding that we are out here trying our best - that song speaks about forgiveness as well. I love to listen to it, it reminds me how I should think about things.


Bout Noon, there’s no song on the album I like listening to as much as Bout Noon. If you ask me to play a song from my catalogue, Im going to play Bout Noon. I love hearing it, I love hearing how I sound, the beat, the flow, the pattern, the style; I think that may be my favourite song on the album, I’m just finding out that now.

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Oje Ken Ollivierre AKA 'Protoje'

NO GUARANTEE featuring Chronixx

No Guarantee is a song that gives me so much feeling - it inspires me, it lifts my mood when I’m feeling down - it really just gives me confidence in what Im doing and I hope it inspires people the same way. The way Chronixx sings the chorus too, in that falsetto, in that haunting tone, just gives the song a lot of character. I just love the overall songwriting, the way I put the verses together and second verse is just so crazy too you know, its a vibes.

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