Public Service

I'm Gonna Kill That Man

  • ANXI001
  • £6.99

Limited to just 300 Copies and a Rough Trade tip for 2019. Formed in Glasgow in 2016, Public Service combine scythe-like guitar with a guttural howl that seems forged in some unimaginable, primordial pain-swamp. With a Wipers-esque insistence in the rhythm section and gothic atmosphere perpetuated by lashings of chorus and reverb, Public Service's debut E.P. fuses Banshees-style hooks with a full-throated punk dynamism. I'm Gonna Kill That Man is Public Service's debut studio recording proper and is an extended meditation on power relations in interpersonal relationships, 3 songs that chart the paradoxes and contradictions in relating to people, the processes involved in othering and psychological self-defence. Multi-layered and full of symbolism, I'm Gonna Kill That Man can be read as a treatise on mistrust of men and fear of manipulation but at its core Public Service's central feeling of universal dread and transcendence through expression translates directly to the listener.

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