Thee Oh Sees

Putrifiers 2

Repress! Thee Oh Sees have progressed from main man John Dwyer's noise punk roots in Coachwhips and Pink and Brown into a sprawling beast that hoovers up psychedelic, garage, acid-streaked rock, and even battered folk influences. If one prefers a slightly more subtle musical awakening, there's always 'Putrifiers ii', the latest in a long line of Oh Sees albums that expands the group's sound well past your friendly neighbourhood garage band. So while the space-odyssey nods of 'Wax Face' actually sound like they're meant to melt one's ears straight off, the record's full of deviant detours, from the poison-tipped string parts and Eno-esque engineering of so nice' to the groove-locked Krautrock inclinations of 'Lupine Dominus.' The most noticeable element may be Dwyer's melodies, however, as they reveal a softer side to his songwriting, one that makes perfect sense considering just how disparate his dust-clearing influences are. Scott Walker, The Velvet Underground, the Zombies and the experimental Japanese act Les Rallizes Denudes are but a small taste of what informed thee oh sees this time around, as Dwyer returned to the multi-instrumental ways of Castlemania's full-band sessions. Rounded out a fuller, drier sound with drummer / engineer Chris Woodhouse and special guests like Mikal Cronin (sax), Heidi Maureen Alexander (trumpet, vocals) and K Dylan Edrich (viola).LP - The vinyl comes housed in a neat sleeve with a cut out front and back plus Download.