Rare Two Inc

Extraterrestrial Intelligence EP

  • kwr006
  • £8.99

Extraterrestrial Intelligence reminds fans of not just their deftness in producing tough house cuts, but also their prowess at manipulating the Roland TB-303 to deal a solid smacking of acid. ‘UFO’ reaches out to roughen up the humanoids of this planet with the 303’s distinctive squelch and those clattering drum machine rhythms – a track that’s guaranteed to get you twisted. Gruff vocals on ‘Click Thang’ break through as a tough bassline ensures your participation on the floor, and ‘Last Daze of Dizko’ maintains momentum with a thumping bassline that any peak-time burner should possess. Chicago house pioneer DJ Sneak and Russian export Tripmastaz have proven themselves to be a formidable pairing since their first EP landed on Sneak’s imprint, I’m A House Gangster, in 2014. In July, they add to their joint discography with a three-tracker dispatch on Cassy’s burgeoning label, Kwench Records. The label’s sixth release, Cassy takes a step back and gives this collaborative duo yet another outlet to showcase their dancefloor fodder, which follows releases on Kaluki Music, Mr. Nice Guy, Reptile Dysfunction, Ovum Recordings and, of course, I’m A House Gangster.