Cowboy Junkies

Renmin Park - The Nomad Series Vol 1

  • PRPCD072
  • £8.99

Mid price reissue of all 4 of the Nomad series.

Inspired by a three-month stay that Michael Timmins and his family spent in China-which he describes as "an other-worldly experience". Several of the tracks on this volume were built on loops made from "field recordings" Michael made in China where he recorded a myriad of sounds from music and conversations to badminton games to students chanting their lessons or performing their morning calisthenics. The album also includes covers of songs by two of the country's most important rock artists-"I Cannot Sit Sadly By Your Side" by Zuoxiao Zuzhou (ZXZZ) and Xu Wei's "My Fall."

Renmin Park a fictional love story about two people whose two worlds will forever keep them apart," says the guitarist. "It's a thank-you letter to an obscure city and the people who opened up their lives to five very strange strangers. It's a document about a bewilderingly complex culture that is, once again, experiencing a massive upheaval.