Sarah Nixey

Night Walks

  • Label Black Lead
  • Genre UK & EU
  • Released 05/10/18 12/10/18
  • Cat no BLRS009CD BLRS010LP

Night Walks is the brand new glittering, nocturnal album from Sarah Nixey. Written whilst struggling with insomnia, the songs are set in a metropolitan sub-world where everyone dodges the dangers of reality. The lyrics describe episodes that take place over one night, spanning several decades, in a tiny enclave, at the heart of London's bohemia. Night Walks is a modern, sophisticated album, rooted in classic record making. Nixey won over audiences as the singer of darkly glamorous pop group Black Box Recorder at the turn of the 21st Century, along with fellow band members Luke Haines (The Auteurs) and John Moore (The Jesus and Mary Chain). For this new album, Nixey made a conscious decision to move away from her previous solo work by not focusing solely on electro pop or the live instrumentation approach. This time, she wanted to use a blend of electronica and classic 1970s analogue recording. The songs in Night Walks, like Nixey's previous solo albums, are full of characters who are often either hanging on or slipping away. She explores themes such as mental health illness (Coming Up For Air talks of teenage mental health illness and parental love - as Sarah notes it’s “the antithesis of Black Box Recorder’s Child Psychology”, and Burning Bridges), England at war (The Zeppelin – set in war torn England with Queen of Bohemia Nina Hamnett watching a Zeppelin go up in flames, along with the love of her life, and Merry England about post-war slum clearances and lose of community) and night time adventures with mid twentieth century London bohemians (Tiger Woman, Neon Moon and Follow Me – about the allure of nightlife and drunken escapism). With whip smart lyrics and an ear for an adventurous avant-pop tune, it’s Sarah’s captivating voice that truly mesmerises. Alternating between a soft whisper, rhythmic talking and full-blown soprano, she manages to encapsulate inky dark nights bathed in a neon-glow, full of desperation, mystery and passion.