Mazy Fly

  • Jewel Case with booklet
  • £9.99
  • Black Vinyl
  • Includes download code
  • Includes poster
  • £19.99
  • Salmon Coloured Vinyl
  • Rough Trade Exclusive
  • Limited to 300 copies
  • Includes download code
  • Includes Poster
  • £19.99
  • Blue Vinyl
  • Includes download code
  • Limited Indie Version with Poster
  • £19.99

Rough Trade Albums of the Month - March 2019

Synthy rain-lashed neon-lit streets brighten dark nights with rays of yellow melody.

Spellling aka Bay Area’s Chrystia Cabral releases her second album written, produced and primarily played by herself.

Breathy baby soft vocals stroke the sound waves with legato stretches of sound like a cross between soundtrack horror synth and ‘80s goth dance pop epics. With reaching stretching vocals, crunchy splurgy synth hit you up with looping riffs, soothing smoothing R&B and swaying organ.

LP - Black Vinyl with Poster and Download.

LP+ - Rough Trade Exclusive. Limited to 300 Copies on Salmon Coloured Vinyl with Poster and Download.

LP++ - Limited Indie Version on Blue Vinyl with Poster and Download.

CD - Jewel Case with booklet.

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