Stick In The Wheel

Lemady Arise (Featuring Jack Sharp) / As I Roved Out (EAN Remix)

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  • £9.99

Stick In The Wheel release a new, limited 7” on the Summer Solstice (Thurs 21 June 2018) as part of the Rough Trade East Summer Solstice instore event. Following last's years Eliza Carthy / Disraeli remix Aleppo In The Sun As It Was, which garnered a BBC6 Music Breakfast Show play by Nemone, EAN summons his folk band Stick In The Wheel and Wolf People's Jack Sharp for a new double AA release. Lemady Arise is an aubade (morning love song) traditionally sung on midsummer’s day. Lemady means sweetheart: with guest vocal from pagan-folk-psyche-prog band Wolf People’s Jack Sharp, plus some midsummer birdsong and production by SITW’s Ian Carter: “When we did a Freakzone mix for Stewart Maconie (BBC), I included an edit of the Martin Carthy / Albion Band version of this tune. I thought it sounded like Jack singing, so we kept the beat I’d made and redid the music, getting him to sing the main vocal, and Nicola came up with this harmony line that weaved around it.”

As I Roved Out is remixed by EAN (Ian’s producer moniker), with Nicola Kearey’s self-penned exorcism of folksong now becoming a deep beat-driven half-time track. EAN “I’m part of a modest scene of weird nerdy post-dubstep producers, with Om Unit, Sam Binga, Fracture, and I occupy a tiny space in that. After becoming disillusioned with the EDM direction that dubstep took, we got back into jungle and drum and bass - particularly when Om Unit started mixing footwork and jungle, which share similar tempos. It's this dialogue through sharing tunes with other like-minded producers that helps us keep pushing forward.”

Of the 7”, Nicola says “We have always made music that doesn’t quite fit in. I really like working with traditional material and using electronic production - they are both equally complex disciplines that demand respect.” Artwork is by well-known illustrator David Bray, whose recent forays into experimental English landscapes and documentation of place are a departure from his line-drawn commercial work. Bypassing the notion of “edgelands”, instead moving straight into the full glare of bleakness to the horizon.

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