The Redubs (Juniper Fold Jonas Friedlich Remixes)

It is not often that we hear STL's music reworked and in this instance, it was not an easy process, since the parts to the originals were unavailable, resulting in a uniquely interesting approach for this release. Juniper lead the way on the A side, delivering two dynamic versions of Haze & Kraze. Dark and shuffly edits of the original that keep you drawn in from beginning to end. On the B side, Fold reinterprets Hide & Seek into a low tempo dub house piece. Heavy on the low end. Lush with the pads. And suited for your warm ups. B2 sees Jonas Friedlich work a loose electronica / techno edit of Hide & Seek, complete with twists and surprises.

  • Genre Techno
  • Released 08/06/18