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Yung Lean


Released 10/11/17 Label YEAR0001 Genre Hip Hop Cat no. yr0040cd


Released 09/02/18 Label YEAR0001 Genre Hip Hop Cat no. yr0040lp


Stranger is the latest chapter in the forever unpredictable saga of Swedish innovator Yung Lean. Released via YEAR0001, Stranger further charts Yung Lean’s evolu on from polarizing viral sensa on to pioneering mainstay in modern hip-hop and electronic music. Stranger is a perfectly apt title for Yung Lean, who at just 17 years old was thrust into the limelight along with friends and collaborators Gud and Yung Sherman, through their early tracks and self-made YouTube videos. A mist from Stockholm who overnight became a worldwide phenomenon, Yung Lean has outgrown his post-internet novelty beginnings to become a D.I.Y icon with an extensive, organic in uence over modern culture. The four years passed since Ginseng Strip 2002 saw the light of day have seen him set of on an open minded dispatch into the past, present and future of pop culture. Having encountered first-hand the triumphs and tragedies of rock- star hyperbole, Yung Lean has emerged with a full grasp of his own reality; where early internet aesthetics, late 90’s southern rap and a punk mindset all fuse perfectly together. Still merely 21 years of age, the past year was huge for Yung Lean; besides kicking off with the independently released, eclectic album Warlord and embarking on a sold out world tour, it also saw him featured on Frank Ocean’s Blonde, star in Calvin Klein’s #mycalvins campaign, launch his own Sadboys Gear brand, co-design a sneaker for Eytys and drop a full length punk album together with Gud as Dod Mark- to name a few highlights.