Nothing Change (Best of Talisman 1977 - 2018)

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Very few bands can celebrate forty years since their creation and far fewer can still perform and record at an equal or even higher level than in their early years. Talisman have always been something of an exception to the rule. Although they took something of a sabbatical during the late nineties and noughties, at their core this is the same Talisman that formed as Revelation Rockers back in 1977. They may have been forced into a name change along the way, but they never ever changed the messages in their music or the sheer energy and enjoyment of their live shows; their talents are undiminished. To celebrate the band's longevity and give fans old and new a career spanning perspective in a convenient package, here is Nothing Change" (The Best of Talisman 1977-2018) a 17-track compilation that includes the band's earliest recordings under the guise of Revelation Rockers to tracks from last year's acclaimed Don't Play with Fyah. Throughout changing times, technology and line ups the core of founding members Dehvan Othieno and Dennison Joseph give the music a remarkable continuity and demonstrate how some musicians improve with age. Of the three Revelation Rockers tracks only Jah Praises has previously been given a proper CD release, both Culture and Wicked Dem make their debut appearance on CD. Naturally all four sides of the band's first two singles from 1981 have been included in the form of the original 7" mixes, Dole Age, Free Speech, Run Come Girl and the second version of Wicked Dem. 1984's debut album Takin' The Strain donates not only it's title track, but also Lick and Run and Ah What You Seh, all well-rehearsed favourites of the band's live appearances back then. 2013's I-Surrection provides four tracks with Greetings and Salutations, Hey Yout', Things Ah Get Tough and Help Yourself and the album is completed with three tracks from last years extremely well received Don't Play with Fyah release: These three tracks demonstrate that even after forty years Talisman continue to innovate and improve with age.