Family of Aliens

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  • Digipack with Bonus CD.
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  • Black Vinyl with Bonus CD.
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  • Limited Red Vinyl with Bonus CD.
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Limited copies on all formats come with a four track Bonus CD featuring Repeater, Not In Control (Teleman Night Mix), Sea Of Wine (Teleman Night Mix) and Make It Easy. Every purchase online or instore gets a free Rough Trade / Republic Of Music 2018 CD sampler.


The third ‘proper’ (ie studio) album from Teleman. 11 tracks of aceness from London’s Jonny Sanders (synth), Pete Cattermoul (bass), Thomas Sanders (vox/guitar) and Hiro Amamiya (drums).


I love Teleman. Come on boys just keep on doing what you’re doing and don’t fuck it up. An instantly recognisable lead vocal like a blissful voicy caress from a little angel. Folk songs played on synths. Not folktronica but synths made to tell stories and pave a path for the most gorgeous pop songs. Trademark subtle but super-infectious synth beats, lovely melodies and a multitude of rich, gorgeous songs.


Ha! If only more bands sounded like this.

LP - Black Vinyl.

LP+ - Limited Red Vinyl.

2CD - Digipack with Bonus CD.

Featured in: Rough Trade / Republic Of Music 2018 Sampler, Albums of the Year 2018, Albums of the Month - September 2018