Hercules and Love Affair

The Feast of the Broken Heart

'The Feast of the Broken Heart' is Hercules' most direct, with Butler's religious fervor around house music displayed. The vocalists are some of the most stellar in the world: John Grant, a championed nouveau crooner and lyricist for the modern age, Krystle Warren, a enigmatic husky voiced singer, the spectacular virtuosic contra alto Gustaph and Rouge Mary, a gender bending baritone gospel vocalist. The songs are as emotional as ever, with the underground aesthetic and spirit of classic house music, while maintaining a stick to its guns pop music structure. The idea of the nightclub as a place of spiritual communion is the message here; in this shared celebration of broken hearts dancing on the floor, faith can finally be restored.LP - Double Heavyweight LP set with CD Version.

Featured in: Moshi Moshi Label Focus