Thee Headcoats

The Kids Are All Square - This Is Hip!

  • damgood380lp
  • Limited White Vinyl.
  • £12.99

Limited White Vinyl. A vinyl re-issue of arguably the best Thee Headcoats album. originally issued in 1990 on billy's own Hangman records label. 12 tracks including bona fide Headcoats classics All My Feelings Denied, Davey Crockett and Cowboys are Square. This album also features the first ever recording by Thee Headcoatees Meet Jacqueline which also ended up on their debut album Girlsville. Thee Headcoats were formed from the ashes of Billy Childish's previous combo Thee Mighty Caesers in 1988 and released 20 albums and around 40 singles before they called it a day in 2000.