The Boy Least Likely To

The Law Of The Playground

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originally due for release in the summer, the boy least likely to's second album finally gets it's overdue release - well worth the wait, this is another delightful slice of quintessential british pop music - equal parts melancholy and joyful exuberance, sometimes at the same time! - to top it all off the songs are incredibly catchy - we said when 2005's debut, the best party ever came out, that they were destined to be huge and we still believe it....

1) saddle up 2) balloon on a broken string 3) i box up all the butterflies 4) the boy with two hearts 5) stringing up conkers 6) the boy least likely to is a machine 7) whiskers 8) every goliath has its david 9) when life gives me lemons i make lemonade 10) the nature of the boy least likely to 11) i keep myself to myself 12) the worm forgives the plough 13) a fairytale ending

with rough trade exclusive bonus cd, featuring singles b-sides, oddities and rarities, including the physically unreleased live favourite "faith" (george michael) - all in it's own jewel case with full colour insert

  1. every grubby little memory 2. rock upon a porch with you 3. faith 4. when i grow up i want to be a boy again 5. between hello and goodbye 6. oddballs 7. cuddle me

the boy least likely to will be playing in-store at rough trade east on tuesday march 10th 2009