The Nightingales With Vic Godard

Commercial Suicide Man / Ace Of Hearts / Underdog

Limited Edition Of 500 Copies. Vic Godard and Robert Lloyd met in the spring 1977, when their bands - Subway Sect and The Prefects - opened The Clash’s White Riot Tour. They hit it off immediately, joining forces to drop matches from the lighting rig in an attempt to set fire to The Jam’s large Union Flag backdrop. With healthy disdain for The Clash and the punk rigmorale they found themselves caught up in, they ended up playing quite a few gigs together, despite The Clash / Subway Sect manager Bernie Rhodes’ hatred of The Prefects in general, and Robert in particular, famously calling them “amateur wankers.” (Scant audio evidence of those days exists, but a recording of both bands, plus The Slits, engaging in a piece on-stage insanity loosely based on Vic’s No More Rock And Roll For You was released on The Slits’ “Official Bootleg” album, and still makes the rounds today.) Most of the era’s “legends” have either passed away or devolved into artistic irrelevance. Yet Vic and Robert still create captivating, intelligent, challenging and humorous work, having never stopped pursuing their individual muses, to the acclaim of their peers and critics . . . yet with varying degrees of ignorance and indifference from the record-buying public. This hasn’t stopped or slowed them from doing work that needed to be done, slugging away in a spirit more like In 2011, Stewart Lee curated a series of concerts and included The Nightingales. Consequently, Robert invited Vic and The Subway Sect to be special guests on the show. Following this decades-overdue reunion, Vic was inspired to write a duet for Rob to perform with him. For a variety of reasons this project was long-delayed, but finally, Commercial Suicide Man sees the light of day. It features exclusive artwork by Jon Langford.