The Orb Chronicles (20 Years Of Shitkatapult)

  • strike166
  • £15.99

Comes randomly in 4 different artworks. A comprehensive overview of works spanning 20 years of label history, from the heyday of electronic music to its established conflation – beyond all recognition – in 2017, would not really be a mix as such. And such is the intent of this compilation: a DJ mix or, better yet, a radio mix or radio show. As they often do, The Orb liked to operate right at the convolutions and interfaces between work and quote, between interpretation and punctuation. That’s exactly what we have here – a fine, easy hour of music from the Orbital of Shitkatapult – The Orb Chronicles (20 Years Shitkatapult). It features Apparat, Oval, T Raumschmiere, Cristian Vogel, Fenin Bus (With Dabrye) and more.