The Skull Eclipses

The Skull Eclipses

Housed in 4-panel Gatefold Wallet.

Limited Gray Coloured Vinyl with Download.

Black Vinyl with Download.

Known respectively for their independent work as Botany and Lushlife, Spencer Stephenson and Raj Haldar selected their collaborative mantle, The Skull Eclipses, when the album became more than just a one-plus-one combination of their individual sounds. Broadly, The Skull Eclipses is a post-hip hop album that harmonizes tropes of mid 90's electronic genres - ambient, downtempo, jungle, and trip-hop - under a hauntological umbrella. It is the first offering from a project that's as much indebted to Broadcast and The Focus Group as it is to Pete Rock and CL Smooth, but obligated to neither. Up close however, the album is a peer into the shadows by two figures uncontent with blending into the tapestry of modern music, wholly committed to creating experiences over mere content, which is pouring in from all corners of a frustrated and distracted world.

LP - Black Vinyl with Download

LP+ - Limited Gray Coloured Vinyl with Download.

CD - Housed in 4-panel Gatefold Wallet.