Molly Nilsson

The Travels

  • lssn017lp
  • Limited Repress to 500 Copies on Clear Vinyl.
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The Travels represents a signpost in the continuing journey that is the songs of Berlin-based artist Molly Nilsson. On The Travels Molly Nilsson's resonant voice is found curling around a new sense of optimism and wide-eyed discovery that was only alluded to in her previous work. Songs like Dear Life might be spiked with a barbed sense of the dejected, but the presiding feeling is one of optimism, of being in love with life despite a shield of cynicism. Dirty Fingers brings a melancholy recognizable from previous work but with an incessant beat and ecstatic underpinning it becomes apparent that a new force is at play here. In case the listener missed it, The Power Ballad brings an endearing, sincerity to proceedings that also offers a tantalizing question: can you be sceptical about love but still be bewitched.

CD - Slipcase with lyric booklet.

LP - Limited repress to 500 Copies on Clear Vinyl.