This Human Condition

Project Zero

  • THC002
  • £6.99

Project Zero is This Human condition's debut album with songs about hitting rock bottom and rebuilding your life. The album begins with a short intro explaining "The Human Condition" and then launches into "Breaking The Code" a song about “Enigma Code Breaker, Alan Turing. "Telepathic Heights" explores a local neighborhood hitting rock bottom during a riot. Project Zero blends many different styles of electro, including synth-pop, trip hop, dance, pop, house, trance, dubstep etc...Think early, “Depeche Mode” meets a darker “Erasure,” or “The Prodigy” meets Boy George and makes a style they call "Handbag Electro Punk." Project zero explores themes dealing with Abuse, Depression, Family, Gender Dysphoria, Psychosis, Relationships, Riots, Sexuality & Suicide. Whether drawing from their own experiences or other people’s, Project Zero is ultimately about confronting difficult issues in order to evolve, to promote healing and to inspire hope.

  • Label Sor
  • Released 01/06/18