Up In Flames

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  • Limited White vinyl.
  • £15.99

'Up In Flames' is the second album by Dan Snaith, originally released as Manitoba. It remains the best selling physical album release in The Leaf Label's history. Originally released at the end of March 2003, and previously reissued on vinyl under the Caribou name for Record Store Day 2013. This is a straight repress of that version, now with the Leaf 20 logo spot varnished on the cover, and new CD artwork. Reissue limited to just 300 copies on 140 Gram white vinyl for the world, most of which went into the Leaf Box Set.

Deluxe double CD reissue of the second Manitoba album, Up In Flames, now re-branded as Caribou for legal reasons, it features the same tracklist as the previous (now deleted) UK Special Edition of the album (which was released under the name Manitoba), but with new artwork. Includes all the tracks from Jacknuggeted and Hendrix With Ko EPs.

Featured in: Label Focus - Leaf