Various Artists

Appendix Double Mixpack

This release, an 8-track compilation on 2 x 12", features material gathered over the past 2 years - either particularly exciting tracks from established producers like Ron Albrecht and Philippe Petit, or music by fresh faces such as Noncompliant and Espen Lauritzen. Some of these tracks are also featured on the recent Berghain Mix 08. This Double Mixpack EP is all techno, but it covers a pretty wide range of styles within that genre. The result is a nice mixpack for the dedicated selector: After the testpressings had been sent out, the overall feedback was that one could have a lot of fun experimenting around with these 2 records. The FiedelTwo#3 is basically the kind of release that would allow a DJ to keep on mixing for half an hour after they've shot all their bullets and have nothing left in the bag: no fillers, only killers.

  • Genre Techno
  • Released 08/06/18