Various Artists

Disco Dorados

Felipe Gordon & Vagabundo Club Social open up the e.p. marrying dreamy arps and luscious Rhodes stabs, with tribal-esque chanting to create an exotic, bubbling groover. Eddie C then ramps up the disco flavour with his Stomp Mix of the original introducing a phased upbeat hook and choice horn samples, isolating out elements before unleashing a killer keys solo over the top. Flip it and Sleazy Mcqueen & Vagabundo Club Social bring the heat with 'Chips Y Salsoul', blending jazzy chords and echoed out trumpets evocative of a Mexican fiesta after one too many tequilas. To close it out Eddie C rides off into the sunset sampling a vocal dialogue that wouldn't be out of place on a Moodymann record, alongside succulent strings and crisp percussion - reminiscent of the jazz infused, MPC laden house of the Moomin's of this world.

  • Genre Disco
  • Released 13/07/18

Featured in: Dance Wall