In Death’s Dream Kingdom

  • HTH084
  • £31.99

T.S. Eliot published The Hollow Men in 1925, yet his poem feels as relevant as ever, given its apocalyptic overtones and claustrophobic, despondent air. Twenty six artists producing the cream of leftfield electronic music have been given a brief: to take the phrase “in Death's dream kingdom”, or the whole of TS Elliot's poem as inspiration. Vibrating with vivid sonic references, the poem is a feast for the ears, which makes it a ripe subject for musical interpretation.

Not an album in the traditional sense, it brings together a seriously diverse array of talents into a coherent whole with a vivid aesthetic reverberating through it. It occupies a similar space to the great home listening electronica acts of the 90s – FSOL, Global Communication, the Artificial Intelligence axis – but there are no throwbacks here: this is radical in sound and thought. Dark music for dark times. It features Pye Corner Audio, Hodge, Batu, Otto Lindholm, Gazelle Twin, Mindspan, Kangding Ray, Ian William Craig etc