The Man From Mo' Wax (Music From The Motion Picture)

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  • Double Coloured Vinyl (One Blue and One Red).
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The Man From Mo’Wax is the energetic and phenomenal journey, charting the life and career of DJ icon, music producer and global trip hop mogul, James Lavelle, his pioneering record label Mo’Wax and his phenomenal rise to fame with the genre defining Unkle album, Psyence Fiction. The soundtrack features The soundtrack features tracks from the film that chart the life of Lavelle and his label Mo’ Wax including: artists that inspired him to create Mo’ Wax such as Hiroshi and Kudo, Zimbabwe Legit, Marie 'Queenie' Lyons and The Wild Bunch, trip-hop classics from Mo’ Wax by DJ Shadow, La Funk Mob, Attica Blues, Dr. Octagon, DJ Krush and RPM and essential Lavelle productions / co-writes with Thom Yorke, Ian Brown and Queens of the Stone Age.

2LP - Double Coloured Vinyl (One Blue and One Red).

CD - Digipack.