Third Noise Principle - Formative North American Electronica 1975-1984

  • £27.99

The third in the Close To The Noise Floor early electronica series – this time exploring the USA and Canada. Includes legendary artists Suicide, The Residents (a previously unreleased track), Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Patrick Cowley, NON, Laurie Spiegel, Chrome, Ministry, Moev and dozens more. Journey into the origins of electronica in North America – from early techno and electro to synth-pop, industrial music, ambient soundscapes and noise experiments. 60 tracks across 4CDs in a 48pp hard-back book format. Over 10,000 words of artists’ sleevenotes and introductory essay by Dave Henderson (Sounds / Wild Planet / Mojo). Packed with previously unreleased tracks, lost gems and underground classics from lesser known artists, experimenters, innovators and outsiders. Part primitive rave, part synthesiser porn, part history lesson!