Zidane : A 21st Century Portrait

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one of the most acclaimed films in the cannes film festival, 'zidane: a 21st century portrait' is turner prize winner douglas gordon's and philippe parreno's sensational cinematic portrait of the world famous french football hero zinidine zidane. the film has already garnered huge amounts of critical acclaim most notably from the guardian and observer who have both devoted pages and pages to the film since it's cannes premiere back in may this year and since the infamous headbutting incident in the world cup the interest in the film has rocketed to unbelievable heights. the soundtrack was written and produced especially by mogwai after the release of the 'mr beast' album and the music is by turns moving, evocative and perfectly suited to the film - it has been singled out for praise time and again by critics and cinema goers the world over and finds mogwai in a more contemplative mood than usual and quite possibly making a record that could appeal to a whole new raft of people that would usually be scared off by some of the heavier songs in their arsenal.

  • Released 30/10/06