Staff Albums Of The Year 2018

Nail (Rough Trade Nottingham)

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1. Various - Technicolor Paradise

I used to be in a band that sampled this kind of music, mostly bought in bulk from second hand record shops. Owt that looked “easy listening”, “exotica” or had names like Les Baxter or Martin Denny in the credits was hoovered up and scoured for loops, vocals or strings. Over time we began to actually listen to the music properly and ended up loving it, so I was gurgling with joy when I saw this collection. Fair play to Numero for putting this ballsy package together so well, already looking forward to Volume 2. Anyone for a Pink Squirrel?

2. Khruangbin - Con Todo El Mundo

3. Various - C89

4. Various - Turkish Ladies

5. Mind Over Mirrors - Bellowing Sun

6. Jon Hassell - Listening To Pictures (Pentimento Volume 1)

7. John Paul - No Filter

8. Hilary Woods - Colt

9. Nigeria Fuji Machine - Syncho Sound System & Power

10. Pariah - Here From Where We Are