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23rd August 2019

1. Jay Som - Anak Ko

Rough Trade Exclusive cloudy clear vinyl.

Anak Ko, the third album from LA based Jay Som (Melina Duterte) comes in cloudy clear and it’s bloomin’ marvellous. This record has all the rosy goodness the shoegaze sound has to offer blended in an oat-milkshake of soothed indie which, is then topped with a lyrically ‘heartbreakers’ cherry because why not.

Really lovely stuff and with a comfortingly titled track listing including Tenderness and Get Well, all in all this is a feel-good winner.

2. Coldplay - Brothers & Sisters

Baby blue and baby pink versions.

Back when Coldplay were nothing more than the next Travis, and global domination was but a glint in Chris Martin's eye, they released their first EP, Brothers and Sisters. 20 years on, you have another chance to own it, but this time they have been split into two 7's with the same A-side but different B-sides. There is the sisters version on baby blue vinyl and brothers version on baby pink. Take that gender stereotypes.

3. Ceremony - In The Spirit World Now

Rough Trade Exclusive doublemint green with heavy Halloween orange, orange krush and Easter yellow splatter.

Their Relapse Records debut with their highly ambitious new album, In the Spirit World Now! The album sees Ceremony at the height of their creative output, as the always-evolving Rohnert Park quintet take their cue from post punk and rock to create one of the summer's most compelling and infectious records.

4. Working Men's Club - Teeth

When listening to Teeth, the second single from Heavenly signed Working Men’s Club, you might be disorientating-ly delighted to discover that it literally makes no sense and that is the whole point. A little bit maddening and a whole lotta stomp-able, we’ve come to realise the best way to dance along to this is to clench your shoulders and just sorta swing.

Nothing says exciting like a good old-fashioned remix so now you can own both the original recording and a Gabe Gurnsey remix all in one complete 12”. Excuse us while we get back to our edgy groovin’.

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This Week's Top 20

1. Jay Som - Anak Ko

2. Coldplay - Brothers and Sisters

3. Ceremony - In the Spirit World Now

4. Working Men's Club - Teeth

5. Seratones - Power

6. Joan As Police Woman - The Deep Field

7. Modern Nature - How To Live

8. Johnny Moped - Hey Belinda! / Hiawatha

9. Shannon Lay - August

10. Augustus Pablo - Meets King Tubby - The Messenger

11. Four Tet - Anna Painting

12. Andrew WK - I Get Wet

14. Sault - 5

15. The Teardrop Explodes - Kilimanjaro

16. Massive Attack - Mezzanine (2018 Remaster)

17. The Chords - Rechordings 1978-1981

18. Joanna Brouk - The Space Between

19. Tyler The Creator - Igor