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17th August 2018

Our Girl - Stranger Today

Fantastic debut album from Brighton-based trio Our Girl who manage to move between indie-pop sub-genres with ease. Our Girl have a Pixies-like sound that starts quietly and crescendos. This is never more present than on third single of the album In My Head which ends on a driving jam, gathers speed before abruptly stepping on the brakes.

Incorporating elements of Grunge, Brit-Pop and Shoegaze with a ton of fuzz, distortion and reverb - for fans of The Breeders, Slowdive and The Big Moon this is one not to miss.

Click here for a track by track breakdown of their debut album.

GOAT - World Music

GOAT's now legendary debut album is being re-released on a picture disc press. In 2012 a strange, masked collective from Sweden called GOAT released one of the most unexpected and talked about albums of the year. Mixing heavy Fuzz-Psych with tribal Afro grooves, head nod Funk, the repetitions of Krautrock and the Pop of Post-Punk to create something completely unique. The beautiful die cut design is a Rough Trade Exclusive released by Rocket Recordings as part of our Label Focus and their 20th anniversary celebrations.

Find out how the world was nearly denied this iconic album sleeve in our interview with Rocket's Chris Reeder and John O'Carroll.

Solomon Grey - Human Remix

3 remixes from this amazing band who produce great cinematic sounding songs that are brooding, epic and emotionally deep. Remixes from a who's who of interesting electronic/dance artists: Sweden's Little Dragon with a typically cool mix, the legendary Nightmares On Wax with a deep dubby groove, Alex from Sigur Ros taking it out there to the epic boundaries and all topped off with a brand new track that is incredibly moving.

Mitski - Be The Cowboy

Following the breakout success of 2016’s Puberty 2, Mitski returns with Be The Cowboy via Dead Oceans. Mitski’s carefully crafted songs have often been portrayed as emotionally raw, overflowing confessionals from a fevered chosen girl, but in her fifth album, Mitski introduces a persona who has been teased before but never so fully present until now. Throughout the 14 songs, the music swerves from the cheerful to the plaintive. Mournful piano ballads lead into deceptively uptempo songs.

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Rough Trade's Top 20 New Releases This Week:

1. Our Girl - Stranger Today

3. Solomon Grey - Human Remix

4. Mitski - Be The Cowboy

5. Oh Sees - Smote Reverser

6. Papa M - A Broke Moon Rises

7. Cullen Omori - The Diet

8. Jerry Paper - Your Cocoon

9. Slaves - Acts of Fear and Love

10. SadGirl - Breakfast for 2

11. Animal Collective - Tangerine Reef

12. This Heat - Made Available

13. Paranoid London - The Boombox Affair

14. Jack White - Ice Station Zebra

15. Curse of Lono - As I Fell

16. Average Sex - Melodie EP

17. Lola Kirke - Heart Head West

18. Mikey Collins - Hoick

19. Westerman - Confirmation

20. Kate Nash - Yesterday Was Forever