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19th April 2019

1. Fat White Family - Serfs Up!

Limited gold vinyl.

Serfs Up! is a lush and masterful work, lascivious and personal. Tropical, sympathetic and monumental. It invites the listener in rather than repel them through wilful abrasion. Fat White Family have broken previous default patterns of behaviour, and as such their third album heralds a new day dawning. Echoing within the arrangements throughout are traces of blissed-out 60s Tropicalia, Velvets / Bowie sleaze-making and star-gazing, 80s digital dancehall, David Axelrod-style easy listening, joyous Pet Shop Boys synth crescendos, acid house, post-PIL dub, metropolitan murder ballads, doom-disco and mouth-gurning, slow-mo psychedelia so by the time it comes to a close only a fool would deny that Serfs Up! is something very special.

2. Stealing Sheep - Big Wows

Big Wows is heavier, harder and weirder than Stealing Sheep’s previous work. Bold neon pop songs with rave percussion, steelpans, dreamy segues and breathy experiments. The *fsszzt* sound of lemonade opens the album with a hyper-real sense of optimism that progressively reveals the cracks of dystopian irony amidst sugar-coated pop.

3. Loyle Carner - Not Waving, But Drowning

Not Waving, But Drowning, Loyle’s new album, gives yet more evidence - as if it were needed - of his razor-sharp flow and his unique storytelling ability. Boom-baps and hazy electric pianos as well as some stellar contributions from London's most in demand voices (Jordan Rakei, Jorja Smith, Kiko Bun) amplify the albums soul but it's Loyle Carner's humble poetic turn that keeps us so immersed.

4. Heather Woods Broderick - Invitation

Limited edition coral and seawater coloured vinyl.

Heather is Sharon Van Etten’s longtime collaborator and band member. Since the release of her last album Heather has toured with Alela Diane and Lisa Hannigan, and has opened twice for The War On Drugs. Invitation features vocals and synth contributions from Peter Broderick. An album of dreamy baroque-pop that swells and whispers with grand string arrangements, intimately descriptive lyrics, and impassioned songcraft built around earnest piano melodies, painting a lifelike picture of the locale in which it was written.

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This Week's Top 20

1. Fat White Family - Serfs Up!

2. Stealing Sheep - Big Wows

3. Loyle Carner - Not Waving, But Drowning

4. Heather Woods Broderick - Invitation

5. Mark Peters - New Routes out of Innerland

7. Elva - Winter Sun

8. Carla dal Forno - So Much Better

9. The Rolling Stones - Honk

10. UT - Conviction

11. Gently Tender - Some Hard Advice

12. Wand - Laughing Matter

13. Jade Bird - Jade Bird

14. Bill Evans - Evans in England

15. The Media - Jump Down How Could You Lie

17. Fiat Lux - Hired History Plus

18. Leafcutter John - Yes! Come Parade With Us

20. Yazoo - You and Me Both