Staff Albums of the Year 2018

Nigel House (Rough Trade Office)

1. Colter Wall - Songs Of The Plains

More great country songs from this young Canadian sounding like the reincarnation of Johnny Cash.

2. Ry Cooder - The Prodigal Son

One of my all time favourite artists with his best album for years (although he sets the bar pretty high!). Got to see him play at Cadogan Hall and was one of my favourite shows this year.

3. Anna St Louis - If Only There Was A River

Sometimes you hear a record playing in the shop and it just knocks you out - this is one of them. I liked it so much that we put a track on Counter Culture 2018.

4. Joshua Headley - Mr Jukebox

Pure old school George Jones style country music. And that is a great thing.

5. Erin Rae - Putting On Airs

Another from the seemingly endless supply of great US singer songwriters - not full on country as it has plenty of folk in there too. And she was so good when she played RTE one summer lunchtime. Check out Kate Wolf too if you like this.

6. Paul Weller - True Meanings

I just love Weller - not every record is great but he still tries something new each time. This is another set of lovely songs, and with lovely orchestration.

7. Jack White - Boarding House Reach

I am not sure why this divided opinion so much - he can't keep on making the same record every time! His band were amazing live - so tight but also really loose at the same time! (Maybe that is because they don't have a set list before and so never coasting)

8. Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain

A bit more Laurel Canyon than before - maybe because she recorded it in LA! Check out her shoplifting podcast - she has great taste.

I don't usually pick retro comps but this is such a great comp - it missed out on our comps of the year as it was quite a late release. Anyway - it is German post punk from 1979 - 1984 and it still sounds great. Reminds me of the time I saw Malaria play at the ICA, and I was standing next to Catherine Deneuve!

10. DJ Koze - Knock Knock

And just so you don't think I am totally country / old man dad-rock I loved this Koze album - perfect Saturday afternoon for shop play. A great mix of dance and songs.